Chepstow Festival of Arts

Saturday 16th July 2022 9.30 am - 4:30 pm


Performance Timetable


09:30 Batala Samba Band Beaufort Sq

10:30 Miss SongbirdPye Corner

10:30 Male Voice Choir  Bandstand

10:30  The Manuka Hunnies Cormeilles Sq

10:30 Musical Show Choir Beaufort Sq

11:00  My Mate H Bandstand

11:30 Robert Hickman Pye Corner

11:30  Rookery Lane Cormeilles Sq

11:30  Lindy hop Group Beaufort Sq

12:00  Micro Jazz Bandstand

12:30  Jacob Collins Pye Corner

12:30 Double Measure Cormeilles Sq

12:30  The Singing Club Beaufort Sq

13:00  Batala Samba  Bandstand

13:30 Becky Lawrence Pye Corner

13:30  Offa’s Tykes Cormeilles Sq

13:30 Male Voice Choir Beaufort Sq

14:00  Topaz Bandstand               

14:30 Joey Clarkson Pye Corner

14:30 Flamenco dancer Cormeilles Sq

14:30 Wye Five Beaufort Sq

15:00 Anouska Wheeler Bandstand

15:30  Charlotte Young Pye Corner

15:30 u3a Recorder Group Cormeilles Sq

15:30 Beaujoladies Beaufort Sq

16:00 Wyld Bird Seed  Bandstand

17:00 John McConachie Bandstand

18:00 Mr Hayman DJ Set Bandstand

19:00 Don’t Tell Johnny Bandstand


11:00-11:45 My Mate H

12:00-12:45 Micro Jazz

13:00- 13:45 Batala Samba

14:00- 14:45 Topaz

15:00- 15:45 Anouska Wheeler

16:00-16:45 Wyld Bird Seed

17:00- 17:45 John McConnachie

18:00- 18:45 Mr Hayman DJ Set

19:00-  Don’t Tell Johnny

Cormeilles Sq.         

10:30-11:15 The ManUke Hunnies

11:30-12:15 Rookery Lane

12:30-13:15 Double Measure

13:30-14:15   u3a Ukulele Offas Tykes

14:30-15:15  Flamenco dancer

15:30-16:15    u3a Recorder Group

Beaufort Sq.

09:30-10:15   Batala Samba Band

10:30-11:15   Chepstow Musical Show Choir

11:30-12:15   Lindy hop Group

12:30-13:15  The Singing Club

13:30-14:15 Chepstow Male Voice Choir

14:30-15:15 Wye Five

15:30-16:15 Beaujoladies

Pye Corner

10:30-11:15  Miss SongBird

11:30-12:15  Robert Hickman

12:30-13:15  Jacob Collins

13:30-14:15  Becky Lawrence

14:30-15:15 Joey Clarkson

15:30-16:15 Charlotte Young

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Chepstow Festival of Arts will fill the town with exhibitions and events from the historic town arch all the way down to the riverside. There will be inspirational displays of pictorial art, photographic art, floral art, crafts, sculpture, performance, and music.

Youth creativity is celebrated throughout lower Chepstow where there will be an exciting program of music, entertainment and Performance.

Image: Terry Walters 

Click on the image for more information
Click on the image for more information.

Chepstow Festival of Arts will offer an exceptional programme of activities and displays to entertain and inspire you.

Artists in gazebos in the High Street will offer an eclectic mix of pictorial art and photographs for sale, more artists will be displaying their talents in the Palmer Centre, and in the Artisan Market in St Mary’s Priory there are yet more fabulous artwork and astonishing and beautiful crafts on sale. Photography groups and talented individuals will be showcasing a range of styles in the Board School. Youth creativity will on display in Cavil Hall and on Priory Green.

There are many opportunities to have a go, book a slot to make a Morph or Shaun the Sheep Claymation with the Aardman Academy, pick up charcoal and make a drawing of The Boatman in the High Street, young people will have a range of drop in creative activities on Priory Green, and in the Drill Hall creative workshops can be booked with professionals in many creative fields.

All over town there will be an eclectic mix of performance artists, such as rock bands, folk groups, dance groups, choirs and many more, providing an exciting programme of entertainment throughout the day, from starting with the amazing Bristol Batala Samba at 9:30 in Beaufort Sq and going up to 8pm on the Bandstand.

The Festival opens from 9.30 all day.

Park and Ride at the racecourse provided by Jays Taxis.

Car Parks are situated around the town, and Festival Stewards will be on hand with Maps of the Festival.

Cafes, Pubs, and Restaurants from the historic Town Arch at the top of the High Street down to the Bandstand beside the beautiful riverside will be open offering everything from coffee and cake to a gourmet meal.

Click on the image for more information.