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Sue Price

Sues love of art was rekindled when a close friend persuaded her to join u3a ‘Art for Pleasure’ class, where this lovely group of people immediately inspired her. Her favourite medium is soft pastel, although she also uses charcoal and watercolour. Her subject matter is varied from animals, landscapes to portraiture.


Mags Keane

Mags Keane took up painting at the age of 66. Not having painted since school, she started painting to help deal with her grief after the death of her eldest son, and more lately worry about her other son a NHS nurse. She finds herself painting day and night gaining solace and comfort from her work. She paints her beloved 10 dogs, including some rescue dogs, and the beautiful rural landscapes around Rhigos Village.  Over the last two years, she has become a skilled artist and gained a reputation for her pictures of Welsh mining heritage, as she can see the Tower Colliery from the window of her house. 


Mabel Ros


 Mabel was born and raised in Benidorm, Spain, but now lives in Chepstow, where she has a small home studio from where she works and daydreams about future projects. Mabel gets inspiration from memories and imagination and loves sharing what she creates, hoping that it will transport you to that happy place in your mind.

Rebecca Way

Artist, Printmaker and Teacher of art. Rebecca specialises in Inks, watercolours and paint portraits of animals and people in soft pastels and pencils. She loves the countryside and nature and is inspired by the spirit of place or genius loci. Trees take on human forms in her mind, and she tries to capture that in her work. Another inspiration in nature for Rebecca is Hawthorn trees, wildflowers, Gorse and hedgerows that are easily passed by and forgotten. Yet, to her, they are beautiful and a source of amazing painterly opportunities. Rebecca’s art sometimes takes on a textural form in collage, and this where her printmaking and painting overlap. Ever inspired by the movement of natural forms of wind and the elements, She likes to depict these in her work. Her pastel and pencil portraits are painted on a commission-based with a supplied photo of an animal or person, which she seeks to capture the essence of using Soft pastels and pencils. 


Claire Hiett

Having taken redundancy after 15 years as a Fine Art lecturer in Further Education at Bridgend College, Claire now works on a freelance basis with the following organisations as well as developing her own practice in her home studio. Currently, her personal practice focuses on nature, in particular birds.

Carnegie House Arts Centre, Bridgend. Claire, has been an Associate Artist for 4 years: including 3 Arts Council of Wales funded Artist Residencies. She currently teaches a weekly adult Art Class and participates in local town events such as Wartime Bridgend, Roots Music Festivals and Christmas events. She has also curated the past three annual summer exhibitions for the Arts Centre. 

Plantlife Cymru. Online lockdown sessions coincided with the launch of an app to track Wax Cap fungi, as well as Valentine’s Day Floriography and a family Sensory Sketchbooks session. Clair is currently looking forward to running a painting workshop at a live event for International Sand Dunes Day on 25th June and printing sessions at a weekend of celebrations for Magnificent Meadows in July 2021

Criw Celf. This organisation works with gifted and talented children aged 11 – 18.  Claire delivers after school sessions, online school holiday and weekend sessions, as well as summer schools. She also teaches Life Drawing to 6th formers, building portfolios for university interviews.

Creative Cardiff. In collaboration with Carys Fletcher Illustration, they were commissioned to tell the story of what it’s like being a creative in their area. They made a short stop motion animation, illustrating a calendar year in their lives. This film, and 10 other Artist’s works can be viewed online. https://creativecardiff.org.uk/index.php/unfolding-our-creative-place-storymap




Sian Gibbs

Sian is a fine artist, resident in the Wye Valley. She works mostly in pen, pencil and acrylics. Her art mostly depicts wildlife and landscape, and she is inspired by all the beauty and wilderness that surrounds her.


Kate Mallabone

 Kate paints seascapes and landscapes with the occasional commission for a ship. Moving around the country for many years, with her husband in the Royal Navy, Kate was inspired by all the new scenery she came across. Recently moved to Lydney Kate is now enjoying busy family life and loving the forest and its views. 

http://: http://www.katemallaboneartist.co.uk/


Nicky Payne

Alongside teaching Art at a college in Bristol, Nicky paints bright and charming watercolour pieces. Combining her love of print, pattern, colour, and, the everyday, she produces both bespoke pieces and happy prints that would cheer up any wall. Let’s celebrate all the important things. This could be tea and cake time, someone’s love of their garden or something special to mark someone’s birthday or a special occasion.
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Martin Sotelano

 Martin Sotelano is a Photographer & Digital Artist who has worked with top companies and presented artworks worldwide. For Martin, photography is just a path in his continuous search to express himself. His relationship with art started when he participated in Drawing & Painting lessons and subsequently became an Art Teacher.  Martin has also been working with content for magazines and websites since 1995, and as the publisher of  Art-Books (along with technical books), he loves to collaborate with fellow artists to create new things.



Minetta Morris

Minetta has painted for many years exhibiting on the original ‘Art on the Railings’ as well as exhibiting locally in Chepstow and Usk.

She is busy working on her farm and has many hobbies including singing in the choir and stewarding for her local chapel but is always available to do commissions of horses.  

Working in oils Minetta also likes to paint flowers landscapes and animals.

Pat Woolliscroft

Pat is a lapsed ex-art college graduate returning to painting after some years away from the canvas.   Pat uses various subject matter as inspiration for her paintings, working from photo images and life. 

Pat enjoys the process of applying paint as a texture and exploring the language of line and colour and is constantly striving to develop and evolve as an artist; she is currently producing figurative based work and is happy to undertake commissions.

Kelda Sproston

Kelda is an amateur artist who specialises in drawing and painting the mari lwyd. Her work has featured at Chepstow museums horse in the frost exhibition.