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Stephanie lord

After leaving art college Stpphanie worked as an architectural model maker before joining the family photography business, Molyneux Associates, working in the corporate and advertising sectors. Recently, working with her sister and niece, she opened Captivate Gallery in St, Mary’s Street, Chepstow.

Colin Molyneux

Colin Molyneux spent his career working as a photographer in the corporate and advertising sectors producing award winning campaigns for a wide range of UK based and international based companies and government bodies.


Andrew Molyneux

Andrew is a corporate and advertising photographer working for design groups and businesses in the Uk and internationally.


Chris Hammerton

 Chris already had a keen interest in the natural landscape, having studied geography at university, when he took up landscape photography over a decade ago. Living in Bridgend at that time the local Glamorgan coast became an obvious muse. In the intervening years, his style has shifted away from representational vistas towards the more abstract. Now living in Monmouthshire Chris now primarily practices three distinct photographic techniques. Intentional camera movement to create abstracted simplified views, multiple exposures to create layered collages, and using long lenses to isolate details of the interplay of light and water on the surface of rivers.