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Alan Crawley

Alan Crawley is a Chepstow  resident who works with ‘found wood’ to create abstract sculptures. His work is sometimes cast into bronze replicas using the lost wax process. He has twice exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and sold his work.

Mike Burrett

After working for many years in the Broadcast television industry as a Motion Designer, Mike decided to change the direction of his work. Mike wanted to concentrate on physical artwork as opposed to digital moving images. He is interested in vintage fairground, automata & 50’s Kitsch which he often uses to draw inspiration from. The work on display is a combination of resin and stone.  They will be cast in bronze in the near future at Mike’s home foundry. The works main title, ‘Ghosts in the grass from a bygone age’, Is inspired by the bygone age of travelling traditional fairs.

Penelope Timms

For Penelope being creative is as natural as breathing, she enjoys combining different materials, wood, metal, glass, fabrics, and leather, fusing them into 3D sculptures inspired by the colour and movement of the Cirque du Soleil. Many of her sculptures have their own crafted wooden box/display stands. Her fascination with the human form and movement is reflected in her sculpture and other artwork. She completed a BA Degree Hons. in contemporary Applied Arts in Hereford. She plans to study art therapy for those with special needs. In September her “Drawn from Figure” life drawing classes in Peterstow and Chepstow will resume.


Toby Garratt

Toby Garratt has had an interest in sculpture since childhood. He lives in Chepstow and works as a scaffolder. He is inspired by the spaces he sees when working. How they feel, and creates geodesic and mathematical sculptures from recycled materials that are immersive and objective, connecting people to their environment and engendering a feeling of “wow”. He is entering the Bridges Maths Art Competition in Helsinki this summer. You will also be able to see his work in a sculpture garden at Taurus Crafts later this year.”