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gazebo art on the railings

Sheila Moya

Sheila Moya

Sheila Moya was born in Chelsea, London but moved with her family into Wales 30 years ago. Although always interested in art Sheila Moya didn’t start seriously painting until after her design degree, where she was introduced to the expressive brushstrokes and colours of ‘The Fauves’.  This introduction had a profound impact on her designs and has since influenced many elements of her work as she continues to explore the impact of colour within the wonderful world of her multicoloured cows and expressive portraits. Working from her South Wales studio, Sheila works predominantly in Acrylic and Oils but occasionally uses charcoal or pastel as ‘more spontaneous mediums’ for her portraiture and life drawing. www.sheilamoya.com

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Janet Chaplin

Janet is an artist living and working in Abergavenny. She paints semi-abstract paintings of the sea and hills around south wales. She loves colour and focuses her work on contrasts and textures.

Janet  Exhibits around wales with large Solo shows and local galleries. She also sells her work through craft fairs and organisations such as Made in Monmouthshire. 



Tara Madge

Tara Madge Chepstow based artist. Madge creates highly textured works brimming with motion. Madge takes inspiration from the impressionist style while forging her own unique artistic language. Whether depicting flowers in bloom, woodland landscapes or vistas of sea and sky, her paintings are filled with a freshness of colour, imbuing the canvas with a luminosity that appears to shine from within. Madge’s painting process sees her working alla prima, mixing paint pigments directly on the canvas, as she seeks colour harmony and a sense of balance in each painting. She works with loose, painterly brushstrokes, inviting a sense of fluidity and animation into her work which is emphasised by an omission of harsh contours. Her subject matter is most often grounded in the natural world – flora and fauna, still life and seascapes are recurring themes – using a limited palette which sometimes fuses into muted tones while at other times juxtaposing with bright complimentary colours. Based in South Wales, Madge has exhibited across Wales and South West England, and is the resident artist at the Glade Tearooms, Wentwood, as well as working to commission for both businesses and private clients. www.taramadge.co.uk

michelle blake

Michelle is a mum of two and has worked in the insurance industry since leaving University, where she gained a BA (Hons) in Textiles and Surface Design. She has been passionate about art since a young age and her creativity has flourished over the years. Using pattern and colour, Michelle loves to create abstract designs allowing the audience to decide what her artwork means and feels to them. Alcohol Inks are her recent chosen medium where she loves the texture, colours and patterns that form, creating subtle and striking artwork.

Lisa Miles

Lisa is a mixed media painter, working with sprayed-oil paint. A selection of her paintings are also available in prints, ceramic coasters and greetings cards.



Janice Haddon gazebo artist Chepstow festival of arts

Janice Haddon

Janice Haddon originates from and lives in Chepstow. Janice started drawing and painting a few years ago as a way of dealing with the pain of Chronic Lyme Disease and other health issues. Portraits in soft pastels are Janice’s current favourite, although she enjoys other mediums so also works in pencil, acrylic, oil and watercolour.

Janice Haddon artist in the gazebo at Chepstow Festival of Arts

Julie Cannon

Julie is  an artist living and working in the Forest of Dean area. Mainly painting in watercolours but since lockdown she has experimented with some mixed media pieces. Her work is wholly inspired by the bird and wildlife that she sees in the garden or the forest on her doorstep that she mixes with vintage finds for perches and storytelling.

Linda Wood

Linda paints because she enjoys it. She paints mostly in oils, but also in acrylics and encasutics. Linda loves to paint en plein air, but of necessity lately, she has been using photographs and  wants to express what  she feels when she sees a photo in her paintings.


Alistair Harvey and Katie Weller

Katie and Alistair are Scenic Artists working in Cardiff. They both have their own individual art practices outside of the theatre world. Katie is mainly a painter who works with a range of materials whilst Alistair illustrates images of the tree of life.


Christine Dadd

Currently, Christine’s paintings are mostly oils, painted on untreated linen. This gives her the texture and feel of the subjects, especially the wildlife from Africa. She believes in the personal nature of art, and she only provides work as one-off originals or in very low number limited editions. Christine has been lucky enough to have travelled and had first-hand contact with each of her subjects from Africa, India, Australasia and here in the UK.

Christine Dadd Wildlife Artist Official Website – Christine Dadd – Wildlife Artist

Darren hoskins

Darren Hoskins, shepherd, artist, performer, from the Forest of Dean. Paints/draws landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and imagined scenes, hoping to use playful, dynamic mark-making with pencil, various chalks and paint straight from the tube. Sells on Instagram and by commission. Now experimenting with telling stories using a “cranky” (moving, hand-drawn images and puppets) in real life and video. “



Becky Brannigan

Becky is a  graphic designer by trade, and she indulges her spare time creating dynamic charcoal nudes that produce unique and impressive but affordable wall art. Becky also undertakes portrait commissions.




Jo Fox

Jo is a disabled self-taught artist from Lydney. She often meditates while painting and uses a  mixture of medium, but at the moment, she is using mainly acrylic paint. Her inspiration comes from colours, scenery, the ocean, clouds, animals and trees. Her art varies in sizes and is affordable for all.

instagram – jofox.art

Pawtraits by Kath

Kath is a local artist specialising in custom-hand drawn pet portraits, lovingly created from the client’s favourite reference photograph. She uses high-quality materials and produces drawings in a range of size, colour and subject options.


facebook @pawtraitsbykath

Rosie Levy

Rosie has been working on a series of paintings based on her digital collages. The paintings communicate a realm of the un-experienced. She is interested in portraying the forces and energy of this space, the tensions and flow of it and a supernatural sense of being connected to this new environment.

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Andy Walker

Andy is based in the Cotswolds; his portfolio includes Landscapes, Seascapes and Cityscapes. Each piece comprises intricate mosaics of thousands of hand-drawn triangles, each painstakingly shaped and coloured. Using a stylus and tablet as a virtual canvas, Andy strives to achieve vibrancy and vivid images. All issued as Limited Edition Giclée Prints.


victoria Jane

Victoria is a self-taught, Newport based, impressionist portrait artist. She has always loved to dabble in art but only recently took it up professionally after a brief spell of personnel change and growth in her life.

Working with all mediums, Victoria particularly loves Impressionism in the female form. However, she also enjoys painting and drawing landscapes, primarily coastal. The commission work she undertakes is varied from portrait, people, to places and animals.

@victoriajaneart • Instagram photos and videos

 Victoria Jane’s Gallery | Facebook

Greg Bould

Greg is from Stourbridge and with his degree in Media Production, is currently working for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon. Having not received any formal training, Greg is a self-taught artist and has only recently picked the paintbrush back up With his creative interests being primarily with moody or haunting figures, colours and textures, Greg is hard at work building his Portfolio up in his spare time. Greg also has a deep passion to explore sculpture and 3D work bringing art inspired by the natural world and vivid imagination into both homes and gardens.

Jessica Maie Edwards-Bowden

Jessica is a fine art student with a deep passion for all things creative. She primarily focuses on repetitions within her work, highlighting textures and tonal values of the subject.